Thursday, 12 February 2009

Yammer….internal social media in the workplace.

I got an invite today to yammer from work colleagues. It’s basically an internally networked twitter. If you have the same email extension (eg then it will hook you up and give you somewhere to communicate.

To quote yammer:

Yammer is a tool for making your organization more productive through the exchange of status updates and group messages.

You can use Yammer to:

  • Stay connected with co-workers
  • Start a discussion
  • Share news, documents and links
  • Ask or answer questions
  • Create a group mailing list
  • Look up a co-worker's contact info
  • Search for a topic
  • See what's popular and who's influential

This is particularly relevant as I had a brief tweet with the SDCDevTeam team guys about internal social media. It’s a brilliant concept, and could be really useful for internal comms on a more “friendly and social” level. Who knows – information sharing throughout the authority without “just ticking the boxes” could promote best practise and allow services to actually communicate in an effective manner.

However, its early days and I have reservations. This isn’t a Wayne’s world environment where “if you book them they will come”. As already discussed with SDCDevTeam – you can lead a horse to water, but not force them to drink. I believe a tool like this could really work but only if there is an effective internal marketing campaign to promote it, and a reason to ACTUALLY use it.

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